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An innovative means of providing just in-time training, FLIP is a modern spin on a proven learning tool—the flashcard.

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Instant Information Access

Our innovative app empowers employees, partners, and stakeholders by connecting and engaging them with on-demand information, resources, and compelling content.


Whether at their desk or on-the-go, FLIP is a platform that allows your workforce to access information anytime, anywhere.


FLIP’s interactive interface and multi-media capabilities turn mundane materials into engaging experiences.


Elegant user experience and natural learning paths mean lessons can be quickly absorbed and put to work.


Explore user performance data and metrics using our reporting suite or integrate xAPI data with your Learning Records Store (LRS).


Quench the Thirst for Knowledge

We believe learning should be boundless. We deliver an accessible, engaging experience, inspiring today’s learner to reach their full potential.
Think of FLIP as a library. A library built by you.

Flexible Work Environments

Empower your team to learn when they’re ready.
Easily access FLIP via phone, tablet or desktop computer.

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FLIP is an example of how we are digitizing our firm today.

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Best Advance in
Compliance Training
Best Advance in Mobile Sales
Enablement and Performance Tools
Best Advance in Technology for
Testing or Learning Evaluation

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