FLIP is a modern spin on a proven learning tool—the flashcard.
We re-imagined it for today’s mobile workforce, delivering just-in-time and on-demand content to the people who need it most—anytime, anywhere.
Best Advance in Compliance Training
Best Advance in Mobile Sales Enablement and Performance Tools
Best Advance in Technology for Testing or Learning Evaluation

FLIP on Workforce Performance!

FLIP gives your team what they’re asking for:


Frees learning from a desk, nimbly moving learning with the learner—to their smartphone, tablet or PC.


Breaks content into relevant, bite-sized pieces that can be quickly absorbed and put to work.


Transforms idle time into teachable moments that build competency and increase performance.


Respects the institutional knowledge of veterans while at the same time giving new hires access to comprehensive instruction.


Lets users bank useful content, tucking it away for future study or on-demand work application.


Helps them quickly find specific answers to pressing issues from your full library of content.

Specialized Cards

The front of each FLIP card summarizes what’s included in greater detail on the reverse side. If this card doesn’t offer what you’re looking for? No problem, quickly advance through the deck until you find your solution.


Provides simple, straightforward
answers to specific questions.


In addition to full-screen video, FLIP logs a transcript of the video, making it easy to find using FLIP’s built-in search engine.


Embed custom HTML interactions or reuse SCOs developed for other applications.


Share insightful charts and graphs that require very little text to tell the story.


Fun knowledge checks that help build confidence in the learner, while providing valuable data to assess the understanding of the organization or integrate into an individual’s certification track.

Good News for Learning Admins

We know the challenges you face as a learning administrator. Many administrators work independently or with small teams. Sure, they want tools that are powerful for your learners, but they also have to be “doable.”

Larger training organizations have different challenges. They need tools that integrate easily with their existing learning infrastructure and offer insightful metrics that demonstrate real ROI. Big or small, you’ll be pleased to know that we put just as much thought into your FLIP experience as the experience of your learners.

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  • No Programming Required

    We designed FLIP for web users not the web programmers.

  • Robust Analytics

    See what your learners are using, measuring their understanding, and integrate Challenges into your existing certification program.


    Our simple, plug-and-play administrative dashboard makes publishing content a refreshingly fun and rewarding experience.

  • Streamlined integration into Existing Learning Management Systems

    FLIP extends the capability of your current platform.

  • Smart Content Distribution

    FLIP releases content in strategically spaced intervals to optimize learning transfer and retention.

  • Built-In LRS

    FLIP supports the xAPI interoperability specification which allows any organization to create, deliver and track learning and performance data.

Ready to Learn More About FLIP?

Now that you know how FLIP can improve the performance of your workforce and how easy it is to administer, we’d love to meet you and discuss how FLIP can work for you.

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About Mercury

Mercury is an industry-leading eLearning and digital solutions company. We have a rich pedigree of learning and marketing innovation and a deep bench of the industry’s most talented developers. We’ve crafted thousands of hours of conventional eLearning over the years for a who’s-who list of clients. FLIP is the result of a nagging question we’ve struggled with for years, “Is there a better way?”
FLIP is that way.