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3 Major Pitfalls of Traditional eLearning

In News by Tyler Martin

Much like monotone lectures or subtitled movies, there’s another contender for the “most likely to put you asleep” award – traditional eLearning courses, often embedded in an LMS (Learning Management System). And it doesn’t bode well for your company’s training efforts if you rely on such a passive method of …Read More.

New FLIP Headquarters

In News by FLIP Staff

The lease has been signed for the new FLIP headquarters! Beginning January 1st, 2019, FLIP is moving to Troy, Michigan. Located moments from major freeways, hotels, and new restaurant and entertainment development, the new FLIP offices are nestled among a hub of technical firms tapping the Metro Detroit region for …Read More.

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DevLearn 2017 Day 1 Recap!

In News by Wade Pressel

It’s official… has launched its fun, interactive mobile learning tool at DevLearn 2017! The team kicked things off by setting up their interactive exhibit for the Expo in order to showcase the tool’s awesomeness! While part of team set up the FLIP booth for the exhibit, our Co-Founder …Read More.