Now is the Time to Transform Your Approach to Learning

Corporate Training, Micro-Learning, Sales Training

Relying on in-person, classroom-based learning will not meet the needs of today’s evolving workforce. Not only is it becoming increasingly more challenging, but it is also becoming less and less effective as learner requirements evolve. We at FLIP believe that now is the time for transformation in learning and have a few recommendations to increase retention, increase usage, and remove friction from the learning process.

The Shift to Digital

Digital learning isn’t a new idea, obviously. With that in mind, it has moved from the classic click and watch course you may be familiar with, to new options that engage learners at a deeper level. By looking to users and addressing their issues of the past, we’ve built our platform from the ground up to focus on micro-learning.

Personalized & User Driven

One size fits all doesn’t fit anymore. Just like you can curate your social networks, learning needs to be able to be customizable by the user. Saving important info, discovering new things to learn, and going through a path that is personal are all features your learners now expect. FLIP gives users the ability to use discovery as part of the learning process, drawing them further in and creating a more captivating experience that they want to come back to.

On-Demand, Anytime, Anywhere

If information isn’t available at the time of need, it won’t get used. If information isn’t easy to apply in the normal flow of work, it won’t get recalled. Putting your learning into a device agnostic system gives your learners options that they didn’t have before. Whether on their phone or at their desk, FLIP is their learning library with quick search capabilities so that learning can be accessed and applied in real world situations increasing the likelihood that knowledge will be retained.

The time is now to transform your learning experience and we’re here to help. Contact our sales team at to get started!

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