From personal use to Fortune 50 companies, FLIP is your go-to tool for efficient micro-learning. We offer a variety of plans to match your needs and increase your ROI.




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Additional Services

Level 2 Support

Experienced and knowledgeable technicians assess issues and provide solutions for problems that cannot be handled by Level 1.

FLIP Concierge

Personnel dedicated to your account that are able to help you in a variety of ways, such as content creation, admin support, and any questions you might have about the platform.

Content Discovery

We evaluate your existing training programs with your team. We then take all your information in house. Through internal brainstorms and continuous communication, we convert your content into an effective micro-learning program.

  • web-based
  • instructor-led
  • event info/agenda
  • performance support

Content Evaluation & Implementation

Depending on the content provided, and how comprehensive the individual material is, we can turn around your original content into micro-learning in just a few days. More extensive the material may take up to six weeks to produce.

What is micro-learning?

Micro-learning takes the traditional training systems and breaks them into bite-sized pieces. By breaking content into smaller chunks, the learner can explore faster, find info easier, and boost retention. Micro-learning also has the advantage of giving users more freedom by allowing the user to jump in and out of the content quickly.

What type of cards are there?

We offer 12 different type of cards.

Content Card
Provides simple, straightforward answers to specific questions or statements of fact.

Image card
Share insightful charts and graphs that require very little text to tell the story.

Video Card
Insert full-screen video as well as add content on the back.

Embedded File Card
Insert a file of any type that can be downloaded and viewed by the user.

Checklist Card
Create a checklist that has the ability to trigger actions to managers or more content.

Question Card
Provide valuable data for the understanding of the channel or integrate into an individual’s certification track.

This or That
A fun way to quiz learners.

Feedback Card
Collect information from users.

Discussion Card
Collect comments and questions from users in a discussion feed.

Order Up Card
Have users put a set of choices in a certain order.

Likert Card
Select from a range of responses.

Webview Card
Embed a website via URL on the back of a card.

What devices can I use FLIP on?

FLIP works on iOS, Android and on the web through our web version.

Why flashcards?

Flashcards are a gold standard for learning. The biggest advantage of flashcards is ‘active recall’. When you read a card, your brain will work to remember the concept on the back, creating stronger recall. Additionally, with the spaced repetition that flashcards can offer, learners re-up their knowledge on a regular basis to keep it in your active memory making it easier to apply on a day to day basis.

How do I create content?

The first step is to contact us to set up your admin account. Once you account is created, you can login to our admin here. Once logged in, you can create cards, decks and more all without needing programming skills.

How can I report an issue?

Please visit our support center here to submit a ticket and we will be happy to help!

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