What is FLIP?

FLIP is an easy to use, flashcard-based, agile solution offering proven benefits to businesses, content authors, & learners.

FLIP is the solution that can fit anywhere & everywhere in a business & can be accessed anytime, from any device.

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Bite-Sized Learning Solution

FLIP delivers just-in-time content about any topic and can be accessed at the moment of need to improve performance & confidence.
FLIP can also be used as a great alternative to traditional web-based training programs. FLIP offers the same features as traditional eLearning, including certification credentials (CPE), gamification, personalization, and analytics. However, FLIP greatly improves the user experience by enabling learners to quickly and easily access knowledge anytime, anywhere.

Add-On to Existing Learning

FLIP can seamlessly work with established learning programs, serving as the platform for pre-work, in-class engagement, and post learning reference.
You’ll no longer have to dig through emails, websites, or papers to find the key takeaways from the training you just attended. With FLIP, everything is digitized & quickly referenced (and updated), plus FLIP’s push notification capabilities can be used to engage learners to follow up on their experience & see how the learning is being applied.
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Content Library

FLIP can easily connect with established systems such as an LRS, LMS, compliance dashboard, and more.
FLIP is the best tool to centralize resources allowing users to access knowledge through one platform & enable the creation of customized learning plans from the range of resources.


FLIP can be accessed on any device – via app or a web-browser.


FLIP can be customized using our platform wide white-labeling capabilities.
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Offer bite-sized learning with a wealth of interactivity & multi-media capability.


Content can be developed & updated by anyone. Create & publish in minutes, not days.


Reporting provides robust data & can be integrated with established systems.
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Create personalized pathways to tailor content to specific learner needs & goals.


The familiar swipe & tap flashcard interface is easy to master.


3rd party testing & validation ensures the safety of user data & content.

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