FLIP is a unique solution not only for its ease of use and agility but for offering a range of proven benefits, unlike most other platforms.

FLIP is the learning solution that provides holistic data on user activity, knowledge, and performance – all of which can be tied to performance and business results.

Ignite Performance

Ignite Performance

FLIP delivers on-the-job knowledge to employees exactly at the point of need. Whether working to close a sale, help a customer, or solve a problem – FLIP can deliver exactly what is needed in the moments that matter to help your team.
Talent Experience

Improve the Talent Experience

FLIP makes the process to access, complete, and reference learning simple and easy. FLIP fits anywhere in an organization’s needs landscape and can be both a stand-alone solution, a complement to other learning interventions, and/or serve as a curation tool – giving employees the ability to access and complete learning anytime, anywhere, from any device.
Save Time

Save Time

FLIP not only accelerates an individual’s ability to access and consume learning, it also saves organization’s a tremendous amount of time in building, publishing, and updating content given the ease of our authoring platform. FLIP’s reporting and analytics capabilities streamline the time and energy needed to analyze results and assess ongoing needs.
Save Money

Save Money

FLIP enables organizations to build and design 100% of their content, eliminating the need for 3rd party vendors to create training products. Additionally, our implementation pricing packages can be flexible and agile, based on an organization’s needs. This, coupled with the time savings FLIP provides, translates into lower operating and administrative costs.

Ease of Implementation

Leveraging FLIP does not require an extensive investment of time (or money). Our team can fully stand-up and execute an end-to-end trial of FLIP in a period of 3 – 4 weeks with no coding or IT support. A trial (or pilot) is typically a startup package of content for a focus group of users designed to get feedback on the tool and the experience.

Agile Pricing and Service Delivery Models

Our team is equipped to handle projects of any size or scope, regardless of how big or small. We can fully own all aspects of the implementation – including content development, reporting, training, and support or we can play a smaller role and enable our clients to take the lead.

Our Teaming and Alliance Partners

FLIP is working to become the preferred Digital Solution Partner with several established firms in the Learning & Development space. We not only offer a world-class platform but also have reach into the full wealth of L&D capabilities in the market. With this, we can enable delivery of a fully integrated set of L&D services.

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