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FLIP and Squigl announce Strategic Partnership and exhibition plans for FUTURE OF EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Conference in Orlando, Florida

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Minneapolis, MN – Today Squigl and FLIP announced a new strategic partnership. The two companies are emergent leaders in the next generation of Educational Technology (“EdTech”) subcategory of Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”).

• FLIP is a digital content library built around a proven tool – the flashcard. The platform offers a wide range of card designs (content, video, survey, etc.) and capabilities which enable endless possibilities for highly customized, engaging, and impactful content.

• Squigl is a video authoring platform used by curriculum developers and content creators to produce highly engaging animations.

Both organizations are rooted in the Great Lakes Region of the United States – with Squigl based in Minneapolis, MN and FLIP hailing from Detroit, MI. This geographic proximity only accelerated a natural affinity between the organizations as both are hyper-focused on addressing challenges around engagement and development which have been exacerbated, during the “virtual pivot” associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“The two solutions integrate perfectly”, said Andrew Herkert, co-founder and Vice President of Go-To-Market at Squigl, continuing: “We have established a meaningful roadmap together to serve our customers with an eye towards shared success and value creation. All involved are seeing great potential in this momentous relationship”.

FLIP’s Chief Operating Officer Jon McQueary said “there was an immediate recognition as to how our platforms could operate together. With FLIP, Squigl animations can now be easily organized and accessed in our digital library as well as be complemented with our array of card types. This will unlock another level of value for clients who need more effective solutions to create and distribute information, engage and interact with their audience, as well as measure results”.

The companies currently share important nameplate customers and partners including multinational professional services firms like Deloitte and Booz Allen Hamilton. FLIP and Squigl have agreed on a cross-functional go-to-market plan including shared marketing, sales and customer service programs. The two companies have begun integration of platform technologies and are already taking pre-orders for integrated offerings, giving priority to current customers.

The new partnership offerings will debut first in-person as showcase to attendees on-site at the Future of Educational Technology Conference (“FETC”, see www.fetc.org) which historically draws over 10,000 attendees and taking place in Orlando, Florida from January 24-28th, 2022.

More information and general availability of the shared offerings will be made public in subsequent announcements. Interested parties can sign up for preview access at Squigl or FLIP homepages.

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